You ever see an eclectic group of friends and wonder how the hell such diverse people ended up meeting and getting along? Ever wonder what conversations take place behind closed doors, when political correctness isn’t a factor and friends can just be real with each other? That’s what The B Dorm Podcast is about. Hosted by two black men from Queens educated in Western Massachusetts, we dive into a range of topics, from the intellectual to the sophomoric, drawing from our experience with a diverse group of men and women, former roommates and other friends from our not-so-diverse Little Ivy alma mater. Real-talk with real people who have navigated the minefields of divisiveness in society to achieve happiness and success in adult life. We’ll catch up with former roommates and other guests from their circles of influence to chat about business, culture, entertainment, and whatever comes to mind. Sometimes we’ll get serious, but we’ll never take ourselves too seriously. Let’s have an unapologetic, dorm room style conversation – sometimes controversial, always entertaining: this is The B Dorm Podcast.

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