Health, Wealth, Self. Celebrate Women by Defending Them. Smacking Down Hypocrisy with Science. Pick 3: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

  • Posted: 13 May 2022

In 1995 KRS-ONE dropped Health, Wealth, Self on his self-titled solo album. Take a minute, listen and reflect. It’s the perfect track for this episode and a great anthem for the times. Who brought you into the world? Do you fight to protect them? Do you realize how they’re being attacked right now, how their rights are being stripped from them? This would be the first time a constitutional right has been granted and then taken away. Are you fighting for them? Are you doing enough? The people that are taking away their rights are counting on people to lose focus, to be overwhelmed. They want us to feel powerless. Don’t.

America is a country built on contradictions. The land of the free, built by slaves upon the land of a dead or displaced indigenous population. The land of opportunity, but often at the expense of someone else’s suffering.

Contradiction breeds hypocrisy. So in a place where pro-gun and pro-life can walk hand-in-hand, it seems logical that even the concept of science could come into question, that facts can lose their validity. In this episode, we look at SCIENCE as a dirty word; oh, and tune in to find out what else made the Hypocrisy Checklist.

It’s deep and gets to some of the fundamental issues that have been plaguing our country in very obvious ways over the last couple of years. But these are issues that have been a rot at the core of our nation since its foundation. Your hosts Don Elivert and Jehriko Turner dig into these contradictions with typical B Dorm levity. And, in light of the recent leaks of the Supreme Court’s pending decision on Roe v Wade, they remind us that civil rights are everyone’s responsibility, not just the 50 percent of us with the capacity to carry a fetus. This 50-year precedent is set to be overturned by an activist court. And it will have impacts beyond abortion.

The hypocrisy and contradictions don’t stop there. We’ve all been a part of the bizarre hypocrisies of the pandemic. The politicians railing against the vaccine for political points, while being fully vaxxed and boosted themselves. And on the other side, the ones telling us to stay home and then getting caught at beach resorts or at fine dining restaurants unmasked. And how did we all end up getting held hostage by a bunch of dudes we all know cheated their way through science class anyway?

That’s the beauty of the B Dorm podcast, and of every show produced by Righteous Media. We’ll call bullshit on all of it. Left. Right. Center. Put in the work or get called out. 

This is what it’s all about. A smart, fun, educated conversation that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is the B Dorm podcast. Pour yourself something. #drinksexy. 

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