Keep It Real. GOOOAL!!! LIVE WITH MARCUS KWESI O’MARD @ YANKEE STADIUM and NYCFC. Miami SwimWeek. Caribbean Travel Cheat Codes. Don’s Picks: Barack and Michelle Stop By.

  • Posted: 22 Jul 2022

In 1995, Philly rapper Jamal came down from the City of Brotherly Love to work with Erick Sermon and put out Keep It Real. It’s a trip back to the classic Queen’s sound. The beat. The flow. All of it. It’s a classic, And this episode is too.

From breaking down JT’s trip to SwimWeek in Miami, to the B Dorm Caribbean travel cheat codes, to the fellas first ever remote feed from NYC Futbol Club victory – this episode has a little bit of everything. And then Don throws a bomb in the mix. What would you change about your crib if Barack and Michelle were going to stop by. Hide the weed? Pick up the clothes? Clean your bathroom? No pressure.

That’s what B Dorm is all about. A smart, fun, educated conversation that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is the B Dorm podcast. Pour yourself something. #drinksexy. 

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