One on One. Capcom’s Cammy vs Cancel Culture. Golf and Durags – What’s More Misunderstood? Ryan Coogler and Banking While Black. B Dorm Takes on the Zombie Apocalypse.

  • Posted: 18 Mar 2022

Every old head knows Street Fighter is the OG of hip hop video games. For a minute it was the hottest thing out. Ryu, Sagat, Honda, Blanka and Zangief were the baddest dudes out there. And like most things from that era, they tried to make a movie out of it. And they failed. Miserably. But while the movie was not good, the soundtrack had a couple of bangers on it including Nas’ One on One. And while that song might be one of the only things worth remembering from the movie, the game itself is inspiring a whole new generation. And they are inspiring some interesting conversations. Your hosts Don Elivert and Jehriko Turner share their fascinating discussion exploring whether a provocative Instagram cosplay post is exploitative or promotional and why we should always listen to an artist’s intentions before we judge their work. It’s critical to understanding where people are coming from. And speaking of understanding where people are coming from, Don shares his thoughts on possibly the two most misunderstood cultural markers out there: Durags and Golf. Try and find that somewhere else. Spoiler alert. You won’t. So hit play and kick back and enjoy the conversation. From banking while black to delicious discussions of Haitian pikliz, B Dorm is a fun and thought provoking conversation that will make you think, make you laugh, and make you feel. And that’s what B Dorm is all about. We hope you enjoy the ride. And while you’re at it, go ahead and give us five stars and subscribe at

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