What Does it Mean to Celebrate Blackness? Street Food Last Meals. Black Pantherfication, MLK Day Latecomers, The Problem with Kwanzaa. Opportunity or Oppression? The Traveler’s Cheat Code.

  • Posted: 18 Feb 2022

Welcome to The B Dorm Podcast! Have you ever seen an eclectic group of friends and wonder how the hell such diverse people ended up meeting and getting along? Ever wonder what conversations take place behind closed doors, when political correctness isn’t a factor and friends can just be real with each other? That’s what The B Dorm Podcast is about.

Hosted by two black men from Queens, educated at one of America’s most elite and most white colleges, they dive into the news, politics, race and pop culture with a perspective that flies from the highly intellectual to the downright silly. The “B Dorm” at Amherst College was the place they met and held court. Now, it’s the vibe of their new podcast.

They get serious, but have fun–and always keep it real. Drawing from our diverse network of men and women across business and the arts, from the powerful Righteous Media network of hosts and guests, and from former roommates and other friends from our not-so-diverse Little Ivy alma mater. Real-talk with two real friends, who are real smart and real fun. And conversations with real people from Senators to college buddies who have navigated the minefields of divisiveness in society to achieve happiness and success in adult life. We’ll chat about business, culture, entertainment, and whatever comes to mind. Sometimes we’ll get serious, but we’ll never take ourselves too seriously. Let’s have an unapologetic, dorm room style conversation – sometimes controversial, always entertaining: this is The B Dorm Podcast.

In this episode you get an introduction to your new favorite podcasts hosts: Don Elivert and Jehriko Turner as they dig into what it means to celebrate blackness in America. From Kwanzaa to MLK Day to Black History month, there’s a lot to explore and a lot to break down. It’s deep stuff but Don and JT keep it fun and the show is guaranteed to keep you thinking for days. And don’t miss them sharing some excellent pointers on getting the most out of your experiences when you’re traveling abroad with their Traveler’s Cheat Code. It’s great advice for anybody who wants to have more authentic experiences when you’re traveling (who doesn’t?). You’re definitely gonna wanna give this a listen. And to wrap it up, they’ve got some hilarious answers to a great question. What’s your last meal… if you had to build it with street food only? It’s a delicious exploration of some of the finer things in life. There’s a lot of flavor in this episode. From Soup Joumou to Frank’s Gyros to some fine honey roasted cashews, this episode has it all. Grab a snack. And while you’re at it, go ahead and give us five stars and subscribe.

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