What’s Really Real? Denzel vs Scarlett Johansson. Ahmaud Arbery vs Hank the Tank. Air Fryers vs Everything. Being an Ambassador From Planet Black. Don’s New School Old-Fashioned #DrinkSexy.

  • Posted: 04 Mar 2022

When Big Shug dropped What’s Really Real? in 2005 it was a game changer. An instant classic. And that’s the vibe we’re bringing in this episode. A little old school, a little new – like the new Don Pizz drink this week and the B Dorm Pod #DrinkSexy movement: it’s a new school Old-fashioned that’s going to make you feel like you haven’t been doing things right the whole time. The man cooks clementine peels! We don’t even know what those are, but damn is it tasty. 

And you can use that tasty drink to wash down a conversation that is simply delicious. Don Elivert and Jehriko Turner dive into why it’s easier to believe that Denzel can fight an entire cartel than Scarlett Johansson; why air fryers might be the most important cooking device you can own; and why a BIG ASS bear robbing people’s houses gets more sympathy from people than a black jogger that was lynched by racist rednecks. How does that happen? Why does that happen? They are questions that will make you angry. Questions that will make you feel. And all of them will make you think. And that’s what B Dorm is all about. So press play, and enjoy the ride. And while you’re at it, go ahead and give us five stars and subscribe.

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